A Look Into The World Of Lingerie

While the topic of lingerie is becoming less taboo, there’s still much to be explored about this style of clothing. Whether you’re interested in sexy outfits or simply want to diversify your knowledge, here’s some fascinating insight into the world of lingerie.

Bra Sizes

Women in the United Kingdom are reported to wear the largest bra sizes. Conversely, Japanese women are said to wear the smallest bra sizes. In India, most women wear a 34C, which is considered average.

A Trailblazer

Triumph, an international lingerie brand, was the first company to make bras commercially available to women. This underwear manufacturer was founded in 1866.

Out With The Old

Most bras are only good for about six months. Bras that are worn more frequently are presumed to have an even shorter life span.

Fan Favorites

Though black and red are popular lingerie colors, most women prefer lilac, blue, and purple sets. Surprisingly, white is the top-selling lingerie color in the world.

Buyer Beware

Purchasing an ill-fitting bra is not only ill-advised, but it can also lead to physical discomfort. In most cases, this means neck and back problems.

China’s Influence

Though it’s known for its modesty, China’s lingerie marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, this country is touted as a fast-growing industry for sexy costumes www.obsessive.com.

Not Just For Women

Though we often associate lingerie with feminity, that’s not the case in France. In French, the word lingerie is used to describe both men and women’s undergarments.